1. Follow your Instincts

Buy only artworks you feel for. The first rule to curate a personal collection is to collect what you love. Let the artwork you pick inspire you.

2. Think beyond the trends

The goal is to build a collection that will grow with you. Every piece you buy belongs to your own history. Follow the trends to get inspiration, and then think beyond which artists are hot or trendy. Select artworks that resonate with you.

3. Be curious
Collecting art is a great opportunity to experiment.  Of course, you may choose artworks to complement your existing décor, and always according to your taste, but remember to be opened and curious to new expressions while you brow
4. Join the community

The more you learn about the artist, the artwork’s story, and the way it was created, the more you can connect with the work. Follow the artists you love and the curators you trust.

5. Be prepared

Set aside time to collect. Gather on a budget dedicated to your collection. Browse periodically. Follow curators by your instincts to familiarize yourself with the art emerging scene.

6. Don’t be intimidated

For new collectors, galleries can be difficult to step in, somehow cold and intimidating. Browse online, read art news, contact art advisers to ask what you’re looking for. And if you don’t know what it is you’re looking for, make it a good sign : be alert.

7. Love at first sight

Trust your own taste : you will know it when you see it. Just remember the right one is unique. If you don’t buy it, someone else will. Jump in and make it yours. .

8. Mix and match

You have the perfect spot to hang your artwork : on that huge wall behind your desk or in the living room.

You may now focus on a new display for you collection : a series of small works that respond and connect with one another. Hang drawings, canvas, and mix it all with photographs. Mix and match original artwork with posters and prints.

8. Mix and match

Ensure your art is preserved and protected. A good frame not only keeps your art in pristine condition, but also enhances the work without distracting from it.

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