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Furio Torracchi


Furio Torracchi


Furio Torracchi is an italian graduate Fine and Applied Art Artist and he has been working in several studios in London and Munich.

Furio Torracchi deeply questions painting and photography and keeps exploring the possibilities of both mediums. Hybridity is a characteristic of his artistic labour informed by academic instruction. The artist’s formal subversion is found in the way he poses contemporary questions as to the lack of purity in the fields of art. Torracchi breaks down photographic codes in an attempt to free the medium from being an allusion to a specific space and time. The representational aspect is diffused and the resulting opacity makes the actual physical object the focus of attention. The impact of this direct experience is phenomenological and leaves the viewer visually seduced. The spectator fluctuates between gazing upon the image as a whole and peering at it with closer scrutiny. The rich colors, tonal ranges and vivid luminosity have been developed by the artist in order to generate a powerfully sensitive reaction. With this emphasis on visual effect rather than representation the result provokes an aesthetic pleasure and so an instant sense of inner contemplation can bloom.


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