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ARTCUR is a new way to discover and buy art, creating a solid network of artists, curators and collectors. ARTCUR’s platform showcases handpicked artworks through unique collections. Curation is a compass for collectors to navigate through the art market. Collections helps artists to gain better exposure.
Our guest curators continually seek, collect and share their discoveries. They are public figures, instagram gurus, experts of the arts, visual or performing artists, writers, musicians, collectors. We represent contemporary artists from all over the globe, all carefully selected.

The art of curation


Feature your art
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How does it work ?

Submit your work

We always crave for new talents to discover. Every single submission is carefully examined. We accept all kinds of media and size.
Send us your work ! Get the opportunity to be featured in our ARTISTS list and to get picked by a curator !

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Our curators are artists, entrepreneurs, art experts, collectors, artlovers
Discover artists online and promote their work.
Get 20% of each sale you are making.

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Browse through our curated collections.
All the art featured is an original and unique work, available for purchase
ARTCUR guarantees authenticity, secure purchase protection, insured shipments, and a 15 days return policy.

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