About Lucien

Lucia Baltar, also known as About Lucien, is creative director and founder of Arles Studio. She combines her interest in interior design, fashion, art and photography, by travelling and creating content for brands.

@about_lucien / @arlesstudio


About Lucien x The Curators

"I've been always interested in the human figure, its character and expression. Raw, real and perfect.

Ever since I was a child, I've had an admiration for nudes as a representation of desire, as well as something natural, part of the daily life. An awakening of sensitivity and understanding of the human body.

A painting, a book, a sculpture, a piece of art, they need light as much as darkness, and describe the expression of the human body.

In this selection you will find a part of my story, my childhood, my present and the reflection of experiences that shaped me. The artistic experience is nothing without the spectator, it becomes empty if it is not about sharing."