Adrien Vermont

Adrien Vermont (b.1981) is graduated from the Ecole Des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2008.
He spent five years working in his studio before a young curator advised him to put his work on the social media. There, he got discovered by Bernard Utudjian, owner of the Galerie Polaris, in Paris.

After his first solo show in 2013, he moved to Brussels to explore new opportunities and invest a larger studio. Since then, he developed a strong work on the questions of drawing, line and representation through natural history.

In 2017, he presented his second solo show in Paris, “Same Old Shit (with some new proposals though)”. The exhibition questions social culture and its repercussions on perception.
Using the structures of images, Adrien Vermont ponders our ways of approaching culture and knowledge.

He has also participated to severals group shows all over Europe and the U.S, in institutions, museums and galleries.