Alysée Yin Chen

Alysée Yin Chen (b. 1990 Taipei) 
is a multidisciplinary artist lives and works between France and Taiwan.

Her practice is an investigation between “time” and “area”. The method consists mainly of analogue photography, film videos, drawings and fabric sculpture.

Based on the device of “stream-of-consciousness”, she observes how humankind migrate on various territories and timelines; then to approach them through a nonlinear narrative technique.

Her works has been exhibited in “Transient Response Feedback Unit #1 by TCAC (Taipei, Taiwan, 2020), “TAIWAN NEW WAVE - Xanadu motion” by alamak! project (Paris, France, 2019) and “Prove Tecniche di Trasmissione” by A.I. Artisanal Intelligence (AltaRoma, Rome, 2017).