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Amy Wright

Wright has a preoccupation with capturing abandon landscapes; the discarded, ignored and untamed, in both the real and imagined worlds. Each work is it’s own Wunderkammer, holding a world that morphs reality with imagination and myth; plants are depicted wildly and landscapes are tiered and towering with obscured horizon lines.

Wright works in mixed media - predominately oil, acrylic and prismacolour pencil - and her painting methodology is reminiscent to that of collage, where the whole is made up of cropped fragments, where she playfully toys with the idea of hiding and revealing. Pattern, shape, texture and colour are core to her practice and are used to create a sensory narrative of the landscape.

Wright has a diverse creative background in Sculpture, Textile Design, Automotive and Floristry. While she has explored various avenues in her creative career, her background is suggestive of her lust for exploration and experimentation, a drive for learning and a personal push for creative growth. Having painted for several decades, it has been the past 3 years that she has been fully immersed in studio as a full time Artist.