Anna Mond

Anna Mond is the mastermind behind the FANTASTICAL BEINGS, an unknown specy of half human – half reptile creatures, with green or blue skin, big eyes and small nostrils.

It’s impossible to say if they’re friendly or crazy, funny or dangerous, weird or just normal. Once you meet one of them, you’ve seen them all, although they’re all unique and special in their own way, like every one of us. That’s the point. They all feel very familiar, like decadent cousins, or trash doubles, living on a different but very close planet, where you would be allowed to drink, smoke, have sex, be free, true to yourself. Some sort of heaven, lost paradise, or simply just a more honest civilization than ours.

The FANTASTICAL BEINGS have celebrities and pop icons too. They look pretty much like Leo Di Caprio, Madonna, Jackie Kennedy, The Pope, Cinderella, Super Mario, Ziggy Stardust, and more …

Anna Mond says “they’re more complete than the originals, without trying to keep good reputation”. Through the FANTASTICAL BEINGS, Anna questions our time with her artful sense of humour. A wonderful, colorful and powerful rallying cry for more honesty and authenticity.