Art Curator Japan

Art Curator Japan was founded in 2016 by curator Naoko Mikami with the objective of promoting Japanese art and foreign artists influenced by Japanese culture to a wider audience.

Naoko graduated in Japanese literature from Nihon University, Tokyo. Deeply influenced by her grandmother who was a tanka (poetry) writer, Naoko devoted her studies to classical literature. She especially focused on ancient scrolls like the Man’yoshu, the Kojiki, the Tale of Genji, etc. Having also a keen interest in traditional culture and modern Japanese art, she decided to merge her knowledge and her passions into the Art Curator Japan project.



"Cities", a collection created x The Curators

Japanese people often define their culture as a dynamic opposition between tradition and modernity, rural life and city life. As a curator I could not foster the status quo, I had to break the equilibrium and pick a side : I chose the city, the modernity, the hub of human knowledge and experience.

Tokyo By: Max Baris
NYC 001 By: Baptiste Tavernier
NYC AT 33 By: Baptiste Tavernier
NYC 002 By: Baptiste Tavernier
Atlantis #5 By: Baptiste Tavernier
Divide thin floors By: Markus Davies