Baptiste Tavernier

Born 1981 in France, I pursue a creative path that has led me from experimental music through the martial arts of Japan to the painter’s canvas. I first studied digital arts and musical composition at Paris University, and took part in several avant-garde musical projects during those years.

In 2006 I decided to move to Japan and immerse myself in martial arts. I studied several modern Budō and classical fighting styles, and achieved proficiency in the production and repair of Japanese armors. I wrote several articles and books on the topic of martial arts and released two music albums with Japanese shakuhachi player, Sabu Orimo: Sphères and Kamakura Jūnisō. For several years I also studied  ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), and monshō gaku, the Japanese heraldic tradition.

In 2010, I started to experiment and mix diverse set of skills on the canvas. My works now revolve mainly around the theme of mazes and labyrinths and have been exhibited internationally in North America, Europe and Asia since 2014.