Botond Gagyi

Botond is a painter of transylvanian origin (Romania) who was born in Târgu-Mureș but is living and working in Cluj-Napoca. He studied fine arts at the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca (Painting department), where he earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree. At the moment he is attending the same university as a Phd candidate. As a winner of a series of exhibitons organized in 2017, He had the chance of showcasing his paintings at the National Gallery Prague (Trade Fair Palace, National Gallery Prague, Prague, Czech Republic) within the framework of a group exhibiton, which is known as an event by the name of StartPoint Prize 2017.

Prisoner By: Botond Gagyi $1,500.00
Lost By: Botond Gagyi $2,000.00
Hero By: Botond Gagyi $450.00
Guard By: Botond Gagyi $500.00
Night Walk By: Botond Gagyi $1,550.00