Buku Sarkar

Buku Sarkar is a writer and photographer from Calcutta/NY. Her work has appeared in various journals including the NYRB, NY Times Lens Blog, and Huffington Post.

They have been exhibited at ICP, Art Basel Miami and various other venues around the world. Her first photo book, Photowali Didi, based on her five year relationship with the residents of a near-by slum, is due to be out in spring 2021 (pushed back from this year) by Fall Line Press and she has just finished her first collection of short stories recently. She lives between two worlds with her dog Julius.

Red By: Buku Sarkar $600.00
Ghost By: Buku Sarkar $600.00
Here By: Buku Sarkar $600.00
Behind By: Buku Sarkar $600.00
Hands By: Buku Sarkar $600.00
Waiting By: Buku Sarkar $600.00