Camile Sproesser

Camile Sproesser lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. 1985

She studied visual arts at the University of Fine Arts in São Paulo and cinematography at the International Academy of Cinema.

Her main field of research is oil painting, with productions in various scales and formats. It has strong influence of poetry and literature and deals with social and gender issues, feminism and occultism. Her work is aggressive and humorous, which gives it a combative character.

She had a solo exhibition at Mendes Wood DM in February of 2019. In April 2018, she had her first solo exhibition entitled 'Serpent Panther and Other Amulets', curated by Bruno Dunley and Ana Prata at Galeria Mercedes Viegas, in Rio de Janeiro. She wan a fellowship to be a resident at Virginia Center for the Creative Arts for 5 weeks in October 2019 and a Mass Moca fellowship to be resident in April 2020 for 4 weeks.

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