Dubi Ronen

Dubi Ronen was born in Israel in 1964.

He is an artist and a designer ; his work has been part of many group shows as well as two recent solo shows, including the prestigious Tel Aviv Contemporary Art Fair in 2017 and 2018.

I combine materials. Rough with the delicate, dark with the bright, and rough with the smooth. Mixing materials intrigues me.  For me the canvas is just a two dimensional beginning to a three dimensional end. I create using construction materials: cement, aluminum, iron, wood, stone and concrete. I prefer raw materials with rough texture and natural color, in particular concrete and its shades.

After establishing the base using construction materials, I begin creating with lines. I love drawing lines. The construction-material base embraces the line eagerly. A line drawn on concrete is timeless, like the adhesion of man and woman. The delicate quality of the line acts in opposition to the strong construction materials as they join together in perfect harmony to create a whole. There remains no conflicts, rather we experience a perfect compliment. 

Prima By: Dubi Ronen $5,500.00
Single Tree By: Dubi Ronen $5,500.00
Free Me By: Dubi Ronen $5,500.00
Yael By: Dubi Ronen $9,000.00
TAR 10 By: Dubi Ronen $6,500.00
TAR 07 By: Dubi Ronen $4,000.00
TAR 02 By: Dubi Ronen $6,500.00
Road signs By: Dubi Ronen $3,000.00
Old pillar By: Dubi Ronen $2,800.00
Oil & Water By: Dubi Ronen $2,700.00
Hiding bush By: Dubi Ronen $5,500.00