Gabriel Isaac Kasor

"It did not take much for me to become interested in the work of Gabriel Isaac Kasor.

Upon his initial offerings via social media, Kasor had a clear vision for what his work was to be - rough sketches of crude faces, couples kissing, and a bright-like splashes of color. These early canvases were bold, striking, and invited me into a world of space, lightness, and the unknown.

The vagueness of these early works was compelling. The figures sat alone, inhabiting an unclear space; not a room, but a fortress of color, as if they resided in a dream, or a frame of mind. There was a sense of unclarity, of symbol, figure, and color, that had something to say, but I wasn’t sure what . . .

Then, out of the blue, meaning cascaded over the canvases like jewelry. I began to recognize the sombre, contemplative, stone cold faces of Kasor’s figures. The fortress of color had unexpectedly let it’s guard down, and in it’s place, invited intuition, expressiveness, and surprise. The figures of women were now poised, assured, and passionate; tempting me into a world beyond closed doors.

When I arrived, I felt the coolness of a spacious room. I caught the equanimous gaze of a wise gentleman, and the inviting eyes of a beautiful woman. I spun the knob of a transitor radio, and I heard the music of a different era. I took a sip of a smooth drink, and wandered down the forbidden hallways of an artist’s mind; one of authenticity, of impression, and life, baby, life.

This is Gabriel Isaac Kasor."