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Georg Oskar

Figurative, often minimalistic and free from rigid structure, is an obvious and direct description of Georg Óskar’s paintings. The essence of his work however appears in the faces glancing back at us from the canvas.

The Berlin based artist, born in Akureyri, Iceland in 1985, has been a productive painter since his early teens. Beginning his artistic studies in his hometown, he later on expanded to Bergen’s Academy of art and design.

Since 2008, Georg has been actively exposing his art all around the world. His works are known in the US, Germany, UK, China, Iceland, Norway and Spain. His last solo shows include :

2018 Alþýðuhúsið á Siglufirði, Iceland

2018 EXCAVO Fine Arts at Central Studios, London, Canada

2018 "The Pink Elephant" Galerie95, Bienne, Switzerland.

Upcoming shows

2019 Abject gallery, Newcastle, England. (solo) 

2019 Altro Mondo Creative Space, Manila, Philippines (group) 

2019 Richard Koh Fine Arts, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Solo)