Jaelynn Walls

Girls Are Gods Too

Girlhood is not a monolith. It is messy, untethered and full of mistakes. Girls Are Gods, Too centers the vast, diverse in between spaces of growing up as girls in wide spanning current cultural landscapes. These artists pay tribute to the strength and humility required to survive girlhood. They are dedicated to providing a transcendent and honest vision of contemporary coming of age.

A collection curated by Jaelynn Walls

Jaelynn Walls is a curator and writer based in Texas. Her work is driven by the mission to uplift marginalized artists and create spaces for artists of color in institutional and alternative art spaces. She sees art as a site of possibility for unity and equity for communities of color and beyond. She is the 2019-2021 Andrew W. Mellon Curatorial Fellow at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and host of Art in Color, an educational web series centering contemporary artists.

Altar By: Ari Brielle
Wallflower By: Jasmine Zelaya
Kinda Sorta By: Jasmine Zelaya
Anxiety room By: Rithika
Failure #2 By: Andy Mc Fly
Abou By: Aja Nadi
Unity By: Jada Imani M
blkhairstudyno.1 By: Kourtney Iman
Waiting for the Likes By: Sophie Jackson
Matcha Turbo-blend By: Priscilla Weidlein
Sadé and Shaniya By: Xia Cospito-Liu