Layered Home

Lily Sawyer is an artist living in London. She is passionate about photography, art and interiors, all of which constitute her day-to-day. She is also an author, blogger and content creator for brands.



Layers of Beauty, a collection created for The Curators

Choosing art is and must be personal. Though these are not my own art, it feels like they are. It's almost seeing a reflection of myself in my choices. These pieces draw me in deeply. I look and stare at each piece as if time has stopped for it to shine and speak to my soul.  Art that speaks to you is the art you should go for. I speak the language of layers, colours, shapes, and lines. What language do you speak in?

Failure #13 By: Andy Mc Fly
Untitled 4 By: Preston Palmer
Failure #1 By: Andy Mc Fly
Transcend By: Ellen Rolli
Lounging By: Jack Penny
Failure #78 By: Andy Mc Fly