With this new series, Lola Erhart dedicates herself to a captivating collection of portraits of women that delves into the intimacy of life in the majestic Patagonian mountains.
Exposing a permanent dialogue and conflict between figuration and abstraction, the rational construction of the drawing and the emotionality of the brushstroke, the artwork becomes an enchanting invitation to explore the poetry inherent in the tapestry of everyday life.

The conflict between reason and emotion, understood as fundamental parts of the human psyche, is the main focus of her reflections. Through her large-scale portraits, her friends find themselves situated in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by their personal belongings. As they pose for her, their self-awareness and connection to the environment become apparent, infusing ordinary objects and clothing, like a knitted sweater, with profound storytelling.

Overall, her artistic pursuit masterfully weaves together the realms of reason and emotion, celebrating the beauty of human connections and the allure of life's simple moments. Through her art, she offers us a captivating glimpse into the world as she sees it—a harmonious symphony of emotions and experiences interwoven with the enchanting landscapes of the Patagonian mountains.

By engaging with these portraits, viewers are invited to find meaning and inspiration in the seemingly ordinary moments that contribute to our personal and collective narratives.

Lola Erhart (b. 1989) is one of the most promising talents of South American figurative painting. Born in Buenos Aires and based in San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina, her paintings are already part of private collections in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Europe, USA, and at MOLAA (Museum of Latin American Art).

In the Studio with Lola Erhart

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