Lou di Nuzzo

Lou is a French painter living and working in Paris. She has studied Fine arts at Central Saint Martins School of Arts and Design in London.

She focusses her practice on the representation of women, with painting but more recently sculpture and installations.

After painting faces for a while she started to refocus her work on what was essential by forgetting those realistic and overly literal aspects of her previous portraits. She tried to express the fusion of elements that constitutes the act of portraiture.

The painting Mascarade represents four female characters and toys wearing masks. They are posing like puppets, as if there were some invisible strings controlling their movements and ordering them to stay still. Lou feels overwhelmed by the images of women that surround us everywhere, particularly through advertisement. The pixels are slowly and gradually “eating” the characters, fragmenting them as if they were disappearing into the flux of images we are living in. The colors of the grid are overpowering and are a direct reference to the TV screen and that aggressive propaganda of images.

In Untitled 2, and The Danse, she tried to exagerate the use of forms, colors and layers (in reference to the double portraits in the green series) to reach something much more immediate, raw and emotional, far from the representation of real forms.