• Composing figurative spatialities which sometimes tend towards abstraction, Margaux Desombre gives us her imaginary spaces or those from her memory.

    In recent years, she has exhibited her work in France and Italy, and some of her pieces are included in funds and collections (Bernard Boesch Museum, Ritz Carlton Miami, etc.).

  • 2020 Heroes, Heroïnes,
    sur invitation de Jean-Pierre BLANC, Villa Noailles (FR)

    2021 Hors-champs
    SOLO SHOW, Musée Bernard Boesch, La Baule (FR)

    2021 Archiville
    GROUP SHOW, Villa Noailles, Hyères (FR)

    Orizzonte Blu
    SOLO SHOW, LdG Art & Patrimoine, Rome (IT)

    2022 Uno sguardo su Roma
    GROUP SHOW, Institut Français de Rome (IT)

    2021-23 OPEN STUDIO
    Portes ouvertes, POUSH, Aubervilliers (FR)

    2023 Matières d’être
    GROUPSHOW Galerie Larock-Granoff, Paris (FR)