Nina Klein

Born in 1987, Nina Klein is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Santa Monica, CA. Klein creates minimal figurative drawings and sculptural, impasto, and abstract paintings that explore the human condition. Klein utilizes a variety of materials to create her lines, shapes and sculptural texture, including pen, pencil, digital drawing tools, oil paint, plaster and metal wire. She displays her versatility, continually working with seemingly limitless forms of media. Through her work, she highlights and advocates femininity as an aim to create a shift in the social construct of the inferiority it holds against masculinity. Klein sheds light on the notion that feminine design and tastes are often valued lower than masculine aesthetic, and she seeks to bring equilibrium between the two.

“Sometimes I also felt that people wouldn’t take me seriously because they’d think of me as a very feminine artist, or a ‘girl artist’ rather than just an artist.” But today, Nina knows that the femininity of her art is actually her strength –an element worth celebrating. “Feminine and masculine qualities should be equals even when it comes to aesthetic. Things that are viewed as soft, like pastels, should be valued as much as all the harsh more rigid aesthetics”, she mentioned.
—   salomé gómez-upegui (