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Anon By: George Raftopoulos $14,500.00
Bloom By: George Raftopoulos $25,000.00
Camille By: Kacper Abolik $8,500.00
Cappadocia By: Max Baris $5,140.00
Dangled By: Marise Maas $9,000.00
Dragonfly By: dana james $5,000.00
Entourage By: Darren Haper $5,270.00
Free Me By: Dubi Ronen $5,500.00
Hiding bush By: Dubi Ronen $5,500.00
I.ME.III By: Sam Creasey $15,000.00
Koan By: Andre Bogart Szabo $8,000.00
Liebstraum By: Georg Oskar $5,000.00
Logic By: Jasmine Pradassitto $14,000.00
Lynceus By: Miguel del Rey $7,000.00
Manhattan By: Max Baris $5,140.00
Older Europe By: Ofir Dor $9,000.00
Prima By: Dubi Ronen $5,500.00
Single Tree By: Dubi Ronen $5,500.00
TAR 02 By: Dubi Ronen $6,500.00
TAR 10 By: Dubi Ronen $6,500.00
The Bathers By: Georg Oskar $8,000.00
The conductor By: Yofukuro $10,925.00
The Dance By: Lou di Nuzzo $7,000.00
Tourists By: Ofir Dor $11,000.00
Untitled By: Paul Dijkstra $6,500.00
Veronika By: Thomas Elliott $5,000.00
Yael By: Dubi Ronen $9,000.00