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Lounging By: Jack Penny $1,830.00
LImoni By: Giulio Pisano $200.00
Fichi By: Giulio Pisano $200.00
Kapital By: Markus Riedler $2,900.00
n°535 By: Mathieu Weemaels $2,500.00
n°826 By: Mathieu Weemaels $2,600.00
n°1335 By: Mathieu Weemaels $2,800.00
n°1361 By: Mathieu Weemaels $2,200.00
n°660 By: Mathieu Weemaels $2,500.00
Winter Haiku I By: Nisja $500.00
Keeping By: Sam Hennig $1,120.00
Futures falter By: Sam Hennig $1,120.00
Nearly forgot By: Sam Hennig $1,120.00
Home By: Yofukuro $980.00
Rain Man By: Yofukuro $3,660.00
The Red Dog By: M $300.00
Two Saltimbanques By: M $300.00
Chair By: M $300.00
Boating party By: M $300.00
The Dream By: M $300.00
6 By: Xiao Duzi $500.00
8 By: Xiao Duzi $800.00
9 By: Xiao Duzi $400.00
Odyssee By: Markus Riedler $2,900.00
Green Ear By: Igor Moritz $600.00
Tea Pot By: Igor Moritz $600.00
Hiding bush By: Dubi Ronen $5,500.00
TAR 02 By: Dubi Ronen $6,500.00
Free Me By: Dubi Ronen $5,500.00
Single Tree By: Dubi Ronen $5,500.00
Prima By: Dubi Ronen $5,500.00
Dragonfly By: dana james $5,000.00
Damsels IV By: dana james $750.00