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Pierre Cendres

Pierre Cendres was born in Lisbon. He lives and works in Paris.

He has collaborated with the Ateliers Jean Nouvel for 7 years. Since 2010, he has been exploring diverse techniques such as video, photography, drawing and painting. Light and space are the two poles around which his work is built. He was the winner of the “Hors les murs” program of the Institut Français in 2015.

He is a Buddhist monk. he aspires to follow the words of Shitao: “The studio covered in sweetsmelling snow appears in the mist. Without worries or restraints, man’s vision is liberated …”

In this exclusive series for The Curators, Pierre Cendres was moved by the KUGE (flowers of emptiness) chapter, extracted from a Buddhist collection of writings of the 13th century. This body of work has culminated in a set of flowing hollow shapes that are the product of erasure and chance through this series, the artist is looking for a dynamic balance between foreground and background, the age-old back and forth between essence and appearance.