Sara Odman

In her early twenties Sara moved from South Sweden to settle down in Paris where she studied and worked during 10 years. With a Master's degree in Art Direction from the renown school ESAG Penninghen, her design has crossed different disciplines such as window display design, brand identity and packaging design within luxury and prêt-à-porter.

When working in Beijing ,she made her first encounter with textile and print design, a passion that she’s constantly inspired to develop.

"To create is an infinite part of me and has always been, I been drawing since I was a kid. I grew up on the south west coast in Sweden, in a family where art has always been a way to express. Surrounded by the prairies and the ocean my entire childhood, nature is naturally my biggest source of inspiration. I’ve been dancing during many years and the rythm and mouvement is also something you find in my compositions.

When starting painting a piece of me fell just in to the right place. It's a precious feeling of freedom.
I hope my artwork sends out the emotions that I have when doing them; free, strong, creative and positive.

Poppy By: Sara Odman $1,100.00
Blue view By: Sara Odman $1,100.00