The Crap Flat

Emma Hopkinson is a writer by day, moonlighting as @thecrapflat by night and in every available spare moment. A pseudo-minimalist, she loves nothing more than clean lines and white space, muted tones and the odd nude. She lives life in calming notes of beige and, it turns out, loves a touch of melancholic art.

The Crap Flat x The Curators

“I appreciate art through gut feeling and a would-I-have-it-on-my-wall perspective that probably has connoisseurs in an emotional tangle. The pieces I've chosen all made me feel something - a lonely figure or a jarring stroke of brush and pencil - there's something real-worldy and physical about my choices, and I've surprised myself with a couple. But in the grand tradition of Crap Flat Logic, my gut feels good about them and I would have every one on my wall.”

No Title By: Ko Ushijima
Pascale By: Sophie Manaches
n°1361 By: Mathieu Weemaels
Allegro No. 94 By: Zin Lim
Wheeling By: Marise Maas
Scion at home By: Martin Wojnowski

Nude I By: Alexandria Coe