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Lea Simone Allegria

I’ve been truly amazed and humbled to see that so many immensely talented artists got inspired by The Mediterranean theme and responded to our first Open Call.

The blossoms, sea salt, a strayed towel laying lazily on a rock, fresh lime on a blue bowl, the Mediterranean is a state of mind, melting the Greek and Roman myths to the French Riviera, the island of Corsica to Lebanese food, olive oil and terracotta roofs. The Mediterranean is a spirit, a golden skin and long afternoon nap, a family dinner, an evening breeze, an anisette.

The collection features 10 artists coming from the USA, Portugal, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and so on. They vary in technique, background and career stage.

I have selected them among over 400 candidates, without knowing who they were nor where they where from, just by falling in love with their art.

You’ll find drawings, paintings, pottery, all united by the Mediterranean vibe.

(Lea is a Parisian / New-Yorker artist, and co-founder of The Curators)

Tranquility By: Luke Hannam
Woman in Fur Coat Cannes By: Susan Wittenberg
Frutero de agosto By: Miriam Dema
Four Summers By: B. Chehayeb
Market Women in Cannes By: Susan Wittenberg
A day in the mountains By: Luke Hannam
Flamenco By: Alvar Fedez
Beach Life Cannes By: Susan Wittenberg
Studio By: Carolina Sardinha
Untitled By: B. Chehayeb
Pink Poodle Cannes By: Susan Wittenberg
Mujeres By: Alvar Fedez
Woman at lunch in Juan Les Pins By: Susan Wittenberg
The Boot and the Chair By: Carolina Sardinha
Mondello Beach By: Damaris Odenbach
Fresco By: Damaris Odenbach
The Illuminated Garden By: Luke Hannam
Terrace By: Carolina Sardinha
Bar By: Damaris Odenbach
Sunrise in Springtime By: Alberto Repetti
Her Piercing Gaze By: Luke Hannam
Mediterranean Sea, The Riviera By: Alberto Repetti
A window to the soul By: Luke Hannam
Hinterland By: Joe Warrior Walker
Spilling Lines By: Joe Warrior Walker
Sugar Beats By: Joe Warrior Walker
Lamorna By: Joe Warrior Walker
Oranges in Mother's Bowl By: Michael Mc Gregor
Oranges in Koi Bowl By: Michael Mc Gregor
Vase By: Alvar Fedez