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Tiffany Bouelle

Fascinated by the diversity of shapes of women body and questioning the wide sense of « beauty », Tiffany went to India alone to produce a special series of paintings about humanity, values and self confidence « RENCONTRES ». This original production is exclusively available on The Curators.

French and Japanese contemporary artist Tiffany Bouelle started drawing from a very early age. She studied at the Auguste Renoir Art School in Paris. 

After two years in the fashion industry the artist decided to dedicate her work to children. This body of work was exhibited in January 2018 in the gallery Tokonoma in the famous St. Paul Paris district.

Tiffany was then commisioned by the LVMH group to create a whole limited collection called « bad dreams » for « La Maison Moynat » (June 2018).

Her first abstract show « HAJIMARI » (The beginning)  took place at the « Tokyoite Gallery »( Paris) in January 2019 in Paris.

Tiffany Bouelle will show her new creations at the "Asia Now" art fair in Paris (October 2019).