Tom Flanagan

Tom Flanagan’s paintings and works on paper use abstract shapes, lines and colors to depict a moment in time. Each component of the work depends and hangs on every other component like notes of music might hang in the air for a split second only to be frozen in our memory.

The Art Critic Daniel Kany says that “Flanagan’s art is all about process. But his process is not the technique of applying paint with a knife or a brush. His painterly process is like a conversation: supposition, interaction, response, gesture, conclusion and so on. He uses the non-verbal power of paintings to challenge us to compare how we think about feeling versus how we feel about thinking.”

Flanagan earned his Master’s in Fine Arts in Painting from Ohio University in 1991. He lives and works on the coast of Maine. His work can be found in both private and corporate art collections throughout the United States.

8 By: Tom Flanagan $1,500.00
7 By: Tom Flanagan $1,500.00