Tomas Urbelionis

Tomas Urbelionis is a visual artist and photographer. There is an other worldly quality to his dark and grainy surfaces and occult choice of objects, and apocalyptic atmospheres. The textures of his works are never too polished or sterile, visible traces of post-soviet brutality and imperfection are visible. Tomas’s compositions range from the minimal with significant use of negative space to overcrowded ‘collage like,’ images with kitsch elements from the every day, mass media and personal idols and fetishism.

A Lynchian cinematographic atmosphere, a sense of the absurd pervade the work. There is a strong formal compositional element to his work. His work is a form of surreal escapism, using colour, form, and iconography to create another world beyond the everyday. His work has been exhibited in Lithuania, England and United States.

2012 – Personal exhibition, “Gorky”, Vilnius.
2011 – Collective exhibition “I’ll be your mirror”, 1650 gallery, Los Angeles.
2010 – Collective exhibition “Urbanistic clones”, St-Martin-in-the-Fields gallery, London.
2009 – Collective exhibition at “East gallery”, Brick Lane 214, London.
2009 – Collective exhibition Lithuanian press photography 2009, City hall of Vilnius.
2008 – Personal exhibition at “Kultūros namai” gallery, Varėna.
2008 – Collective exhibition “Lithuanian art” photography, at CAC (Contemporary art centre), Vilnius.
2008 – Personal exhibition at “Meno inkubatorius” gallery, Vilnius.
2008 – Collective exhibition Lithuanian press photography 2008, City hall of Vilnius.
2007 – Collective exhibition at festival “Kunigunda Lunaria” Skliautai gallery, Vilnius.
2007 – Collective exhibition JFK (Young photographs contest), Prospect gallery, Vilnius.