Valium Magazine

The Gaze

   Culture has been a bomb waiting to explode and this explosion is postmodernism and the crumbles littered around is what we see as an art today.

  Sartre introduced 'the gaze' into philosophy as a crucial definer of the self. Everyone leads an alienated existence, Sartre believed, because how others see us, we would never come to be who we are. With the rise of post-truth, we alienated with everything around us and at the end we ended up in a circus. In the circus conditions we live in, everything is possible. We keep getting alienated more and more from ourselves n the world and contrary to Sartre's theory, no one is around to become 'our gazer'.
   Growing up in a culture condemning us to failure, losing our human characteristics, art imitates us in parallel with crooked face structures, demonic eyes, a face siluette  without a face, dreamy backgrounds only we can see in our dreams, beast figures integrated into human smudge, bodies fractured, senselessly colored buildings and goes on and on. Our doomed lives transfer into all kind of art forms and we take a look at them, feel relieved, breath deeply and go back to our miserable lives.


Failure #9 By: Andy Mc Fly
Diamond Bouquet V1 By: Kacper Abolik
Senza Titolo VI By: Giuliano Sacchero
Natacha By: Yofukuro
Goths By: Loren Burke