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Veronique Fel

Veronique Fel is a visual artist and photographer based in Paris.

"Véronique Fel’s photographic research is based around a specific type of light, the zenithal light. a light so particular and so hard to properly capture When the noon sun transforms a place into a cinema setting; lots of contrasts, few shadows, bright and exaggerated colors that almost seem unreal as if painted. People and objects, although in movement, seem frozen in time, red-handed, and suspended as if revealed by this pure light. By photographing a precise instant, Véronique Fel makes an aesthetic observation, disconcerting and fascinating, about the reality of our times and its paradoxes." Moriarty Magazine

This wonderful body of work has already attracted the attention of many (Polka magazine, l'Oeil de la Photographie) and can be admired during Paris Photo Art Fair and till the end of 2019 in an incredible and beautiful setting on the Seine banks, by the Tuileries, a few metters away from the Louvre.