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Victoria Dael

Two points of views are merged together in Victoria Dael’s creative work – the point of view of the artist and that of the cinematographer. Classical epochs and art styles are interpreted by the artist on the basis of contemporaneity. A dramatic confrontation is brought to the fore: culture and barbarism; the erosion of cultural space experienced by our world. 

Victoria acutely examines one or another historical epoch using her own artist technique, characterized by the combination of different textures, elements of drawing and collage, creating a complete, rich and composite image. The artist’s gaze is not superficial, but perceives the world as a palimpsest in which every epoch preserves its ‘cultural’ layer. As with the focussing of a camera lens, Victoria’s artistic method combines several composite plans, not only those which are masterfully compositionally solved, but also ancient images or Italian landscapes, almost unchanged with the course of time, which become metaphor. Victoria Dael works with cultural memory, forcing the spectator to travel a great distance, all the while absorbing the great heritage of the world.

Victoria Dael was born in Moscow in 1982.
She gradtuated with distinction both at the Moscow State Academic School of Fine Arts, and the All-Russian State University of Cinematography.
She presented her undergraduate work at an exhibition in the hall of the State Kremlin Palace of Russia.
Prizewinner of the creative competition for young artists «Luck is an attitude», from the Martini Art Club project.

1st personal exhibition at the Museum and Exhibition Centre “ROSIZO” (Moscow).
Participated in the Biennale in Dakar, in the project «Looking Eastward», part of Luciano Benetton`s collection.
In 2016, she presented her creative works at her second personal exhibition, in Poland (Krakow).