Vittorino Curci

Vittorino Curci (1952) lives in Noci, Puglia. He is a poet, musician and painter.

He received his artistic training during the 70s at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, city where he exhibited his first conceptual works of art at the Jartrokor Gallery, directed by Sergio Lombardo.
In 1979 his work is mentioned in the 8ª Antologia Ipersperimentale Geiger edited by Adriano Spatola. Later, he collaborated with the review TamTam and he has participated in several initiatives promoted by Spatola both in Italy and abroad.

Starting in the second half of the 80s, he began collaborating with avant-garde jazz musicians. During this period he directed several performances with a strong theatrical impact during which he used scenic elements, actors, original music and curtain raiser scenic designs (reminiscent  of Futurist Evenings). In 1994 in Reggio Emilia he was among the founders of the sound poetry Group Baobab.

Currently, although he dedicates most of his time to surrealistic writing, he also performs in discreet poetry readings – during which he plays music scores – together with small bands or often in solitude, accompanied by his saxophone.