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Rhapsody in Blue

A collection curated by Lea Simone Allegria

Woman after Bath by Lea Simone Allegria

A published novelist ( “Loin du Corps, ed. Seuil 2015) and an art historian, Lea curated multiple art shows in New York and Paris. She also happens to be the Art Director of The Curators.

“I frequently hear music in the very heart of the noise” said George Gershwin when composing his masterpiece, Rhapsody in Blue.
Blue is the color of silence. It attracts one in its deepness, in its appeasing world, as it is, after all, the warmest color.
The pieces I have selected are grounded to the intensity, the immensity of some kind of an underworld, which in my imagination, has always been blue.

Alex Manea


Thomas Elliott


George Raftopoulos


Hanna Shumska


Sarah Inhoffen


Michael Lentz


Zin Lim


Martin Wojnowski


Rebecca Russo


Ishii Nobuo


Henrike Gomber