By: Eros

Amber Doe


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Estampita 2 - Made for a project titled "I want you:portraits of my mother" - about my mother's masochism.

Eros embodied as self. 

Estampita 8 - Made for a project titled "I want you:portraits of my mother" - about my mother's masochism.

The Last of the Red Hot Lovers - there is prose connected to this image.

"What’s the worst that can happen when he sees you naked?

What evidence will he uncover? 

What will he think of the milky white roads traced along your shoulders and abdomen? 

Evidence of the love before him: the last of the red hot lovers.  

They were there after the first man became your only lover and source of pleasure and they left their mark! 

What will you have after all of your fears are laid bare?

“I want you to touch me there....not him.”

“I see now that I’m not going to be able to eat my way out of this.”

 Creamy sweetness and salty beef are nothing like your hands and lips..... 

There is too much evidence behind closed doors, battle scars simmer under my tee shirt. Affirmation of my linchpin after him. 

Guilt, gluttony, fleeting pleasure read like a sun scorched map starting at my shoulders before ending their journey at my abdomen.

What would I have looked like he if had never touched me against my will?"

Published in Sycorax's Daughter.  

"Blessed Assurance" - named for my grandmother who always said "Sex" when she took a picture, she said "you obviously make your best face."


The artwork comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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