By: Eros

Annie mackin


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Aphrodite of Cyprus sea foam, 2021 oil paint, oil pastel and ink on canvas 100cm x70cm Not for Sale

Love is, these days, the motherhood bond with my child intwined with an unbreakable, comfortable but also passionate love for my partner, which feels one in the same. The antithesis of my previous life so I am full of appreciation for the love I now have. This sentiment is reflective in this semi self portrait of Aphrodite, patron of love, beauty, pleasure, passion, sex ad procreation. She is also known as the mother goddess (thought to have bore 14 children) one of which being Eros, the winged boy god of love. Aphrodite, born in the sea foam of Cyprus mirrors my coastal life in Hastings.

Goddesses 2020 oil paint and oil pastel on canvas 90cm x 90cm

Domestic mysticism, appreciation of love, my partner, family and home, of motherhood and all the mothers. Reverence in a simplistic domesticity during lockdown, I was inspired by ancient Goddesses including Aphrodite, worshipped for love, passion, motherhood and the home. I transformed mundane household objects in exalted items with a vibrancy that invokes happiness and comfort during this time of uncertainty.

Amidst the summerland 2019, oil on canvas, 40" x40" £900

No structure or certainty, a sense of the next life or maybe a past life. The witch afterlife 'The Summerland', the otherworldly realm where only love and joy exists. 

Emanuel Swedenborg ‘This realm is neither in heaven nor the underworld. It simply is: a non-physical reality much less dense than ours. Some Wiccan traditions describe it as a land of eternal summer, with grassy fields and sweet flowing rivers, perhaps the Earth before the advent of humans’.


The artwork comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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