By: Eros

aurelie galois


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This piece is called Foxy Lady. Made of oil painting and silver leaves on canvas, 8,5 cm/9cm, it is displayed in a silver jewelry box. It is part of my collection of miniature erotic paintings I named Bijoux Indiscrets, as a tribute to Diderot's Indiscreet Jewels (also translated The Talking Pussy), an erotic novel anonymously published in 1748. I also asked writers to chose their favorite miniature and to write a text inspired by it. I gathered all the writings (poems, fiction, lyrics, philosophical developments) in a book.

Pencil, oil painting and gold leaf on paper. 30/20 cm, 2018. 

I find these conch shells very erotic, their colors are so close to human most intimate parts. Also, they have this hollowness that is very playful...  It is not so common to paint male genitals, I wanted to make it poetic and  kind of funny at the same time.

Acrylic and gouache on panel, 18/22 cm, 2021. 

For centuries male artists have watched and represented the female body. Being a feminist does not mean that our bodies shouldn't be seen or pictured, but that we, women, can do it with a sens of legitimacy. Self-erotism is a beautiful part of this "empowerment". The first step is to know our bodies. And mirrors are great tools for that !

Drypoint on paper, 21/14,5 cm, 2016

Etching is a technic I like a lot for the angles that it creates. Also, since I can't be as subtle with it as with my oil technic, it is very interesting to see  that the main intention of my drawing shows in a sharp way, as if it was free of unnecessary  artifice.


The artwork comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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