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Caroline Barth


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Caroline Barth: Strawberry Kisses, 2021, Gouachepainting on Paper, 30 x 40 cm: Selflove and selfacceptance are some of the most important topics for me - as I am struggeling whith them - as are so many other people of our time. Whether in times of isolation caused by lockdowns and the pandemic or in any other context: loving yourself is key and it seems especially hard for people living in a body that is off the general beauty standarts that are surrounding us everywhere. My mission is to question those standarts of beauty and show that diverse bodies (such as big/fat bodies) are just as worthy of love, happiness and sensuality as any other body.

Caroline Barth: First Time Fully Breathing, 2019, Black and White Digital Photography, Print on FineArt Baryta Photopaper, 70 x 50 cm: This is a semi nude selfportrait I shot one day before I got major surgery on both my ovaries to remove two huge tumors. Until this point I only took photos of myself from flattering angles, sucking in the air, holding my breath. As I wanted to get a photo of my belly as it was before it would be cut open, I had to portrait it as it was. So this is actually the first photo taken of me fully breathing - accepting my fat body as it is.  A long due step of selfacceptance and selflove. Displaying it to others is another step in this direction.


The artwork comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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