By: Eros

Catherine Ryan


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My interpretation of EROS in the contemporary age; elements of technology such as the motherboard takes a prominent place on the canvas. The arrow pointing upwards takes centre space as the weapon of love. Includes the symbolism of gilded wings, a narcissistic piece of mirror,  the jumbled letters of texts and online dating. Also a heart that is free and one that is under lock and key, expressing the polarised emotions that love brings. Feathers hang from the piece in reference to the similarity to flying that love can bring. There is a traditional symbol of love in the form of the red rose on the right. This is holographic material that adds movement to the piece when viewed in person. 

Detail of EROS.  To the left of the arrow is a piece of chrome with a ladder running through it, like the never ending scrolling of social media feeds, in search of love of one kind of another. On the bottom right there are smileyfaces behind a clear plastic covering, emphasising the barrier between digital love and the offline experience. The chrome rectangle and the smileyfaces are connected by a silver chain, as they are one and the same. 


The artwork comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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