By: Eros

Cecilia Anastos


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Shyness (2021) - Size: 24x18" Medium: Acrylic paint Surface: Acid free paper.  A contemporary figurative painting to represent that state of shyness when most of the clothing is off.

Shyness catches the essence of self consciousness when disrobed. The use of dappled colors gives the painting texture and substance.

I’m drawn to her almond shaped eyes, although muted by light coloring, are penetrating nonetheless. Her lipstick and bra seem to be her only accessories, making her extremely vulnerable.

Les femmes Heroiques (2017) - 20x30" acrylic paint on gallery wrapped canvas. The legs of Rosa Valland (instrumental in the recovery of stolen art during WWII) and Nobel Price Rita Levi Montalcini


The artwork comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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