By: Eros

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Wax Stars n°1

Oil on paper

42x28 cm

In this series I intend to analyze the body as the backbone of the person. To be or to have a body?

(Be a body)

The body is indivisible from the person.

It is the only material that I can touch and, in the meantime, feel that I am being touched.

Can it therefore be defined as the "consciousness" of matter?

Container of the soul, the spirit, the Divine and the concept of Self, the body is the matter that encloses the invisible, what the human being has been looking for since ancient times.

I don't set myself the goal of reaching a truth about the body, I just have many questions.

I try to bring the viewer's attention back to the body as if it were a wall to cross and then exit on the other side.

The other side of the wall is what the human being defines as the utopia of an incorporeal body.

(Have a body)

This vision of the body, however, must be contextualized in contemporary society in order to avoid remaining in pure abstraction. The figurative needs contemporary ideology.

Here the meaning of the body remains anchored to superficiality, immediacy to the liquidity of aesthetics.

An icon of perfection and power if I think of social media, a concretization of the deadly sins if I think of reality. Reality in which there is depersonalization, dissociation from one's body as a defense against the brutality of life.

(Body like Eros)

Strong, powerful and wonderful placed in front of the other side of the wall, where a small glimpse of the universe shines, the helpless body melts like wax.

This last sentence is the essence of the meaning of Wax Stars, not a praise to the body but a photograph between brutal reality and utopian research on the other side of the wall.

A snapshot of a concept, a reality, an ideology unaware of being portrayed because it is used to going unnoticed. This time, however, it is captured, photographed and exhibited as a poster in order to be thought of, not understood, only observed.

Wax Stars n°2

Oil on paper

42x28 cm

Wax Stars n°3

Oil on paper

42x28 cm

Wax Stars n°4

Oil on paper on canvas

100x70 cm

Wax Stars n°5

Oil on paper on canvas

100x70 cm


The artwork comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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