Vivianne Saler


Curated by: The Mask Project



The world is transformed one petal at a time. This character is inspired by the collective dance, colors, and joy of the Carnival of Barranquilla. I unfold into a lively flower in full bloom. As the world enters a threshold of withdrawal and isolation, the flower keeps on beating until it becomes a symbol of hope for humanity. I understand that we are one, and that it was not I who flourished in 2020. It is humanity as a whole that will flourish. What I once viewed as my personal flourishing becomes the blossoming of all humanity.


----- Este personaje nace entre la danza colectiva, el color y la alegría del carnaval de Barranquilla. Me desdoblo y siento esa flor viva. El mundo comienza a atravesar por este umbral de recogimiento y aislamiento, y esa flor sigue latiendo. Sigue latiendo hasta convertirse en un símbolo de esperanza para la humanidad, por qué entiendo que somos uno, y que no fui yo la que floreció en el 2020. Es la humanidad la que florecerá. Pasa de ser FlOR•ES•SER a convertirse en FLOR•ES•SEREMOS @viviannesaler


The artwork comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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The mask is everywhere. Blank and anonymous, it lingers as a constant reminder of the crisis we’re all facing.

A universal symbol of this unprecedented period, the mask is also a territory of expression, rich of a 7 000 years long history and various traditions. 

To ornate, hide, heal, dance, play, seduce or hunt, from Japan to West Africa, from Argentina to Ireland, the mask is an endless source of beauty and knowledge.

It’s also a wonderful medium for artists to take over. That's why we created The Mask Project, an International curated competition, open to the public vote which gathered  12 Jurors, 700 participants, from 150 countries and more than 40 000 votes

We're very proud of this project and are pleased to feature here the 6 Winners and  20 finalists.

The full gallery can be seen here.

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Cover up By: Coral Shulamit Moshe
Final Bouquet By: Jeanne Vicerial & Leslie Moquin
Mask Version 1 By: Hiroshi Shafer
Wearable Old Dutch By: Maradia Borstlap
Solace in lapis lazuli By: Vivian Mak
MSK01 By: Caio Marcolini