By: Eros

Isabel Riley


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My work is about enchanted places between the seen and the unseen.  Places where the self is realized and love is pure.  In this painting two figures exist in equality and with open hearts, with transparency and optimism. They are suspended under the deep blue sea, bouyant and free, unburdened by the past or future. They can love freely without fear of pain or suffering.  it is a transcendent moment in time.

Love is the deepest and most intense emotion.  It can burn hot with  lust, rage and desire.  It can be vulnerable and be wounded.  Words said during lovemaking can transform your chemistry and take us away to another world.  Words said during heartbreak can feel like bullets that put holes in our organs.  The silver rain on my heart is the slow pitter patter of soft and neutral pellets, the evolution of a slow and steady love. A whisper of "I'll take care of you"  come any hardship. 

By singing a mournful melancholy song, Orpheus was able to convince Hades to return Eurydice to him, under the condition that he would not look back to see her until they had reached the upper world.  Orpheus' desire to see his beautiful beloved overtook his promise and when he couldn't restrain his urge and looked back at her she died.  The act of looking back is that of longing, of affirmation, of assurance that ones love is there and isn't going to disappear.  We all travel through life with insecurity and need to know that we are loved unconditionally.  Sometimes it is difficult to trust in love.  This myth and painting exemplify the phenomenon of irrational and impulsive acts that desire can cause.  The tragedy that lurks beneath the promise of true love.

There are some loves that last forever.  A love between a parent and child. This painting is about a life long lover, one who you can't shake..  The soulmate that weaves in and between relationships.  Someone you run into in another city. With this kind of love, you've practiced all types of attachments and detachments and been in and out of love, decided that things weren't right but then as life progresses you realize that it is the kind of love that sticks to your bones and that you will never be rid of it. This kind of love has become a part of your DNA, a part of the fabric of your existence.

When you first meet someone and fall in love, it can feel like they are a shooting star, a lucky fallen angel that just drops in your lap.  You can't believe how attracted you are to them, how passionate it feels to make love to them; you know it will last forever.  It feels like a love that flew in on a carpet at dawn, when the sun is rising and the world is coming alive.  The love is light and you are light and are able to be whisked up in a flourish of ease and optimism.  That is the beauty of the moment you fall in love.


The artwork comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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