By: Eros

Keziah Mornin


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This was a narrative I kept returning to when considering the absurdity of the dating app culture as well as my own feelings about being described as a 'flirt'. My own mortality seemed to be part of a constant joke surrounding dating, about meeting up in public and constantly being on your guard. I liked the idea of something so ordinary like a fig or a photograph on my phone could be part of the narrative that ended with my death. I want to explore this narrative more in the future. 

I am interested in the patterns and structures of bras, but I made this painting in the understanding that it would be something erotic to an audience. I want to question when and how our bodies become erotic and how much that is to do with our own desires and how much it is related to the desires of those around us. 

My paintings are frequently focused on the topography and sensuality of flesh and clothing and through them I question ideas of femininity and my own complicated relationship to my body. I wanted this painting to show the end of the day, when I am becoming unrestricted by my clothes. 

The use of fruit and women is well established as a tool for communicating otherness, and lust with links that stretch back to the roots of Abrahamic religions, but that is a symbol in innumerable cultures. I created the figs using folded and painted paper and papier-mâché, to play with our perception of value and specialness and to experiment with texture. 


The artwork comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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