By: Eros

kristofer rutledge


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Driving, oil on Canvas 31”x 41”

Cubist rendition of different postures and positions while driving. The feeling of freedom and sensuality one gets on long aimless drives, through the different phases of a Colorado sunset.

Bust, casein on repurposed muslin. 36”x 48”

This view of the nude figure, changes form depending on the viewers perspective, a part of my 2021 series “Deconstruction/Reconstruction.”

Ego, oil on canvas 30”x 40”

A representation of the idea in one’s mind, of one’s self-portrayed identity.  The fluidity of gender and sexuality and how complex it is.

Inner Reflection, oil on Board 24”x 30”

The idea of inner reflection and process of understanding gender fluidity and sexuality. The figure and its parts translate to asexual, bisexual and intersexual, and genderqueer.

Tithe, oil on Canvas 16”x 20”

The incestual relationship between multimillion dollar mega churches and money.   The church receives money from the poorest while the two percent invest in personal façade.


The artwork comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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