By: Eros

Mathieu Staelens


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My submission consists of a series of drawings called: "Audits of destruction”in which I intertwine, using a disturbed kind of typically belgian surealistic humour, climate issues and humanities heroic symbolism in its search for love. Plants commonly associated with love symbolism are brutalised and investigated in order to discover the working parts of symbolism in it, hoping they will reveal us a secret about true love. Or maybe by separating the active parts of symbolism we can use them to our advantage and mischief. It stems to reflect on our actions and methods we use when the goal is our happiness...

Made in a self developed drawing technique that as far as I could investigate, online and offline, is only used by yours truly ;) 

This last image is to clearly illustrate the dimensions, the submitted images are equal in size to the skeletons on this picture. 

all the info of the submitted images is in the file name, yet I list the here if those file names would disappear during upload:

1.AuditsofDestruction, autopsy to localise and separate the active symbolist forces of the english rose, _colorpencil&ballpoint on polymer_9,8x8cm_2021

2.AuditsofDestruction, Elektroshock therapy to extract the symbolism from the rose, _colorpencil&ballpoint on polymer_14x9,8cm_2020

3.AuditsofDestruction, Extracting the moment where beauty starts to elude from the japanese cherry blossom, _colorpencil&ballpoint on polymer_14x9,8cm_2020

4.AuditsofDestruction, sample to investigate the peachiness qualities of the vagina _colorpencil&ballpoint on polymer_10x8cm_2021


The artwork comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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