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Black Friday

240x260 cm

Oil on canvas

He is unpredictable and gentle, pathetic and lonely. He is a shopaholic who tries to turn his passion into science for his own solitude or justification. He is his own personal Gargantua on a diet. He feeds on fashion and hides behind it. He seduces himself and rejects himself. He is a mix of contradictions and illogical actions. He worships chaos and creates his own totem out of it. A bag or a suit, but can't decide on a label. Therefore, he multiplies himself to wear all the clothes at the same time. Black Friday is a sale of his desires, locked in his own dreams, in which there are discounts on heavy luxury goods.


The secret Garden of Stone Delights

110x120 cm

Oil on canvas

Working on this painting, I thought about the continuity of trends and what is the beginning and starting point of trends and traditions. And I tried to find a symbol that would be an analog of the chronicle, a keeper of history, by which you can study or read the whole history, and also find out how, when and under what circumstances this or that circumstance happened, some form was chosen, a tradition appeared, and hence a trend.

For me in this work, this symbol is a stone. Marble, which formed the basis of ancient Romanesque architecture. In this case, this architectural structure is the temple of Santa Maria del Fiore. In the background, you can see the base of the temple, made of white and black marble. And on the foreground is a bag, the top of which represents the dome and vaults of the temple. Initially, ribs, used in Ancient Egypt and Antiquity, with the change of era migrated to architectural construction, and then to Romanesque architecture. Later, these ribs became an integral part of Gothic cathedrals, and then formed the basis of the classic Louis Vuitton Speedy bag.

Choosing the Temple of Santa Maria del Fiore is a temple that was designed to contain all the inhabitants of Florence and, accordingly, protects the city. Santa Maria del Fiore was once an innovative piece of architecture, combining two components - functional and aesthetic, just like the speedy bag, which also revolutionized fashion, is a functional thing, but at the same time a stronghold of taste and beauty.

With the stripes on the bag, I wanted to emphasize the connection between the background and the foreground.

So, for the main character of this picture, who is looking for his temple, his refuge, the bag turns out to be a bearer of history and a symbol that personifies the connection of times. And if the character cannot settle in the temple, then he can carry this bag, his little temple, which is always with him. The bag is made of canvas, but its historical base is stone. So this Speedy is his Secret Garden of Stone Delights.

Vintage Dreams 

113x132 cm

Oil on canvas

A strip or a check, yellow or green, or both ... - such a familiar daily choice what to put on to go outside, to show yourself to the world, what to transmit...

In this painting, the character is caught in a moment of thinking about who he is and what he is. He decided to arrange a fitting to find himself far from the bustle of the city and the intrusive ringing of the phone, to slow down for at least a moment and think: how to mix his clothes, how does he differ from others, where is his inner core.

The only spectator and advisor to whom he can appear without a mask, vulnerable and doubting, is his dog. The clothes chosen by the hero are both a way of self-expression and protection.

Fashion for this person is a non-verbal language through which he can convey a message without doubting that the addressee tuned to the same channel will receive it. The character sincerely believes in fashion's ability to heal people from fear of rejection and alienation. Therefore, the Birkin bag acts as a talisman, amulet, or icon - no matter what you call it. It is sewn with a saddle stitch and retains its structure and construction due to it. The saddle seam is invisible, it is hidden inside the skin. But it creates the foundation. This is the core and the DNA of this bag, and the same core the character wants to keep in himself, to self-identify in a confined space and silence, so that later he can preserve this feeling, leaving the room.

'Vintage dreams' was inspired by visiting vintage stores, where the subtle combination of craft and the spark of God in clothing and accessories made me think once again about finding my origins. What makes you yourself? Fate or your imagination? Is fashion a liberation from old skin or is it an imperceptible build-up of new layers of the same skin.


110x120 cm

oil on canvas

Lobster revers to the person of whom another is meant to be with forever.

Rhapsody in blue

89x101 cm

Oil on canvas

Time for yourself: to relax and tune in to a new wave - the character of the painting is captured during this activity. Running home, he decided to change his clothes and arrange a small party for himself - a fitting in order to relax and disconnect from external affairs. Dancing to his favorite music, he gladly chooses the look for the rest of the day. He is inspired by the sunny weather, and the view of the dome of the cathedral from the bedroom window, and his dog, which has already prepared to leave and is waiting for the owner to get ready.

The character creates a mood for himself, regardless of anything, and this is his strength. He found his source of recharge in his favorite interior, paintings, pillows, clothes, bags - they are his compass and fortune.

I decided to call the painting 'Rhapsody in Blue' because the musical composition of the same name reminds me that you always need to set aside at least five minutes for yourself: fool around, jump, or, conversely, freeze and listen to silence, or arrange a fitting, coming up with new combinations in your wardrobe.


The artwork comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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