By: Eros

Noemi Iglesias Barrios


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Title: Diao Ni

Material: Porcelain and pink stain. 

Technique: Handmade flowers and slip casting.

Year / Country: 2019 / China

An interpretation of the originally japanese lucky cat «Maneki Neko”. On his left hand, the cat is holding the Chinese symbol for love: (Ai).

On the right hand, the western gesture of the middle finger up.

Title: Rebel Heart

Material: Porcelain and red stain

Technique: Handmade flowers

Year / Country: 2019 / Spain

"What is so radical about a seemingly conservative notion of love? Why is it anything but conservative?" 

The project takes as its starting point the protests and demonstrations held in Hong Kong to demand the withdrawal of the controversial Extradition Law 2019, analysing the revolutionary symbology of flowers and deepening the relationship between love, desire and political transformation.

Title: Heart & Chips

Technique: Performance

Year / Country: 2015 / UK

Heart & Chips, a wonderful meal for everyone in love.

The commoditization of romance has incorporated romantic love into the culture of consumer capitalism. Romantic moments are now strongly associated with food, drink and travel and have become intensely commoditized. Whilst certain features of conventional romantic love still exist, the concept has developed a ritualistic understanding of romantic consumerism as an expression of love.

Title: Everlasting

Materials: Porcelain, red, purple and green stain.

Technique: Handmade flowers and slip casting

Year / Country: 2019 / Korea

Romantic love is an intimate and important part of the consumerist society, emerging with the rise of the mass market and transforming emotions into commercial strategies. The car has been altered by cutting the doors, raising the hood, or simply distorting the image with an exaggerated flower decoration to open a new perspective from where to rethink and question the establishment of the economic cultural romance.


Title: Off Love

Material: Plexiglass 

Technique: Laser engraving. 

Year / Country: 2021 / Spain

Off Love is a graphic research into how human emotions and affective bonds have been stablished through dating apps and social media in these time of social distancing.


The artwork comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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